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I fell in love with

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Posted 15 April 2019 - 01:37 AM

I fell in love with Huajiantang, and I set off. Soon, I can really feel the "white-walled gray-wax bridges and flowing waters" in the millennium-crossing Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, listening to the singer and singer of the singer. Kunqu Opera, listen to the authentic Suzhou Pingtan, eat the mouth-watering Aohao noodles, the champion hoof, the glutinous cake, the spicy pot paste, the Taihu three white Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping... beautiful, start from realizing the dream! Sigh the convenience of transportation, as long as we are at home, we are all We can reach the place we want to go in a short time. This time is the same, I came to Jiangsu, the first stop, it is Wuxi, lived in the Huajiantang. Oriental pastoral. The moment I walked into the Huajiantang, I discovered for the first time that the hotel was so beautiful, it was a quiet and simple beauty. Under the white wall, the pale pink hollyhock spit the stamens Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online, and the cat lay on the rocking chair cushion and slackened the claws from time to time Newport 100'S Cigarettes. The bakery floated out of the milk and blended with the taste of bananas. The tea restaurant and bookstore visitors were twos and threes... It is not a simple flower, tree, tea, music, house, humanity, beauty, it integrates the village, the pastoral, the old house, the house and the hotel. When you come here, you can truly appreciate the travel and accommodation, not just to sleep. Last thought, but let the rushing heart stop on the road, take a break! Although this is a person's travel, but here, I am not alone, the serenity of the flower room is full of my heart, you If you have been there, you will be like me. If you fall in love with Huantang, your lover is dead, and the story will continue. Those roads, accompanied by the glimmers of the past, are no longer fascinating, and seem to be the first to make a harsh sound. After the withdrawal, they always bring more overwhelming silence than before. Hearing produces some kind of spontaneous empathy -- because of the lack of silence, he is eager for it. Your love comes out of a shadow and walks to the center of a bright room. Standing on the beautiful tiles, the dazzling pattern kisses the soles of the feet, making people sleepy. Suddenly it seems that all the bad emotions have left. You look down at the smug toes because of the kiss. And the herd, came in at this time, and soon you were surrounded by them. The man followed in, and filled the room full of Dangdang Newport Cigarette Cartons, and it exploded. The people squeezed sideways and sang cheerful songs to praise love. The horns hit together, giving out a certain kind of beat while squirting each other. The laughter and the madness of the people continue to accumulate and swell in this bright room. Ah, you have nowhere to escape, only then found out that you accidentally entered a slaughterhouse.


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