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The rain didn't seem t

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Posted 15 April 2019 - 01:35 AM

The rain didn't seem to stop, it was pattering. From last summer's summer to this year (because it was raining last year). I didn't have an umbrella to get lost in a few people's streets and walked alone. I like this feeling, every drop of rain is strange and cold, like the pebbles scattered on the banks of the time. The dark world of the sky is extremely silent except for the sound of rain and the steps I have dragged. Those clouds are so bleak that they are far away when they are blown by the wind. They spread across the city in a very beautiful way, although the city is small and small enough to accommodate a soul, but when they drift, they are solemn and serious, extremely slow and extremely slow. Slowly let people forget the time, forget the world, and forget the faint entanglement. If you really forget how good it is, unfortunately it will be difficult to erase it Newport 100'S Cigarettes, just like the deep and shallow knife marks carved in the tree, with a lifetime. And where should I go? The road ahead is far away, the road is far away, and it is far from being able to touch it Cheap Newport Cigarette. It is like a happy time that can't be grasped in a dream. When it is desperately retained, it will be scattered everywhere and disappear at the end. This rain is still dripping my hair, flowing to my face, like tears, maybe it is tears, even though I have never cried, at least in front of outsiders. They slowly flow to the ground and melt into the soil, perhaps to moisturize a lazy, ungerminated seed, I know. So I opened my mouth to the sky and let the raindrops fall into my mouth. At that time, who tasted the natural taste. I remember that many years ago, the aluminum bucket in the old house of Qingwa House was filled with rain every rainy day. My father said: After the dust has settled, it can be used for cooking Newport Cartons For Sale. At that time, I only thought that there was nothing strange about the meal, it was very bland. After many years, I can't remember what it tastes. I really regret the childhood ignorance. But I know what the taste of the city's rain is - five flavors Order Newport Cigarettes, mixed tastes, and even the words are pale and weak. Maybe life is the same, joy always looks very blunt, very blunt, and when the wind is cold, it is extraordinarily sharp. Suddenly, I stopped my weak and dragged footsteps, I was tired. Standing idly under a tree, I saw those raindrops faltering. As expected, they were scattered all over the place by the wind. They could not find a trace. They only saw the soil wet and heard the sound of their broken air. Without bones, nothing will leave me going to leave and leave the tree. But I stopped because the world was filled with water. The tall buildings under construction are standing upside down, the scaffolding is well organized, and more visible after the rain; the occasional passing vehicles flashed past, the splashing water splashed on the hard road, and soon recovered calm; The people who walked through were holding umbrellas Cigarette Cartons Wholesale, holding different souls and stories under the umbrella, and playing the same code in the same city; the trees with different greens stood on the sides of the road, ordinary and serene, watching every day. The people and cars that came and went... Finally, it fell into the earth, moisturizing the earth with fresh and warm memories. I finally opened the umbrella that was holding it so that it would block the wind and rain for me because I was going home.


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